Great Plains Conservation

Over the years I’ve come to know Mary Jean from Tully Luxury Travel through her African Dreams division but also personally. Mary Jean knows everyone. She knew my brother, my associates and conservation partners. As a result, I consider her part of the family, someone with shared values, a conservation ethic and interests. As a result, she is the perfect ‘connector’ between our camps and conservation efforts and people who she knows and are interested in travelling and sharing these unique experiences in Africa with us. The kindred spirit means that travelers can feel comfortable with the Tully endorsement and we feel comfortable that the exceptions on both sides can be serviced and satisfied. Mary Jean seems to find and send us interesting guests and at Great Plains, we like to be the meeting place of interesting and talented people who can influence the world. Through African Dreams, we have also met people who are interested in supporting our rhino relocation effort in Botswana so a perfect match for guests, friends, fellow conservationists and influencers.

Dereck Joubert
National Geographic Explorers in Residence
Great Plains Conservation
CEO and Chairman Great Plains Conservation
Award Winning Filmmaker with 7 Emmys, a Peabody and a Lifetime Achievement Award



Mary Jean has had a long-standing relationship with AndBeyond, stretching back to 2010. She is an astute businesswoman on the cutting edge of luxury travel, a passionate philanthropist, a deeply caring conservationist and named as one of the most Powerful Woman in Travel by Conde Nast. We at AndBeyond are proud to do business with her and her company. AndBeyond has collaborated extensively with Mary Jean to ensure her clients receive only the best experiential travel experiences. She absolutely knows what she wants and her attention to detail and care are taken with every client is phenomenal and inspiring. But she is so much more than just a great travel professional and entrepreneur. She is a vocal and passionate activist for wildlife conservation. She puts her money where her mouth is and works tirelessly for the protection of the Rhinos, Elephants and Big Cats of Africa. She has given us tremendous support for our own project called Rhinos Without Borders (in partnership with Great Plains Conservation) and for that alone we are very grateful. We cannot recommend Mary Jean or Tully Luxury Travel (including her African Dreams specialist division) highly enough.

Joss Kent
CEO, AndBeyond


Mary Jean’s unwavering commitment and contribution to conservation in Africa both personally and through her company is rare and admirable.  The team at African Dreams is renowned for creating experiences for guests that reflect Mary Jean’s true passion and extensive knowledge of the continent.  Mary Jean and her wonderful team is a trusted and valued partner of Singita whom we have no hesitation in highly recommending.

Luke Bailes,
Founder & CEO, Singita

Asilia Africa

The first time I met Mary Jean ( I call her MJ)  we were at a camp in Botswana and we had had a huge discussion about which well-known Sabi Sands property could compete with the legend of the Okavango Delta.

Since then we have continued to discuss what the best of Africa entails. Through these conversations, I have learnt to appreciate her perspective- one that is truly fueled by a passion for adventure, conservation of wildlife, the communities and for Africa in general.

These days MJ is one of the most widely travelled people I know in both East and South Africa. She travels the continent at least 3 times a year possibly even more. She understands intuitively her guest’s needs and I always appreciate her advice and caring feedback.

Mary Jean’s grip of what truly makes an ethically sound safari is as fast as a cheetah in her thought process. Her deep passion for the Wildlife and her love for this continent is unrivalled in my opinion. She runs a solid Travel Business, based on integrity and first-hand experience. Her clients are in the best of hands with not only her but also with her well-trained staff. She sees to it that they all travel often to Africa and have a passion as she does.

MJ is a loyal friend and strong business partner on this journey to protect what belongs to our children and the generations to come. I admire her passion and determination and so does everyone else in our industry.

Brandon Kemp
Country Director Tanzania for Asilia Africa

Wilderness Safaris

 I first met Mary Jean Tully at a Virtuoso Symposium in Barcelona, where she was, quite clearly, a dominant force in Luxury Cruise vacations.  It was there, that we convinced her that her guests would be a perfect match for our safari offerings in Southern Africa.

From her first moments at Vumbura Camp in Botswana, followed by a visit to Mombo Camp in the Okavango Delta, Mary Jean, and her husband, Brad, fell in love with Africa. During the past ten years, she and Brad have visited Africa at least twice a year, and have become true Africa addicts! Not only as visitors, but also as contributors to a variety of Wildlife re-introduction programs and child welfare projects.

Over the years, Mary Jean and her staff have built up a knowledgeable base of the “Where to Go” destinations that make up an awesome Safari experience throughout Africa!   Wilderness Safaris, and myself, would recommend “African Dreams” without hesitation, to assist you in planning your dream vacation in Africa.  Her attention to detail and personal experience of the product is only rivalled by her enthusiasm and love of this wonderful destination called ‘Africa’.

Our best wishes and confidence of your success in the future with “African Dreams.

Keith Vincent
CEO, Wilderness Safaris

The Royal Portfolio

It has always been a great pleasure dealing with Tully Luxury Travel – a company with an excellent vision that is passionate about Africa and passionate about using revenue from tourism to help uplift local communities and conserve our continent’s precious wildlife.

Liz Biden
Owner, The Royal Portfolio

Silversea Cruises

I have known Mary Jean since she left her successful career as a cruise line regional manager to launching her own business, The Cruise Professionals, which then evolved to Tully Luxury Travel. MJ, as we affectionately call her, took her inside knowledge of the cruise industry and used it to create a better experience for her clients and our guests.   She was an early adapter of the internet for promotions but always kept service to her guests very personal. As the business grew, she assembled a dynamic team of like-minded travel professionals who shared her core values and vision that the customer always comes “First”. Because of this, Tully Luxury Travel has the most experienced travel advisors in the industry who have been with her from the start, while continuing to attract bright new talent; something our industry desperately needs.

As a cruise executive who would prefer to have Tully Luxury Travel only focus on cruising,  Mary Jean’s passion for travel, especially for Africa, has helped Tully Luxury Travel evolve from a leading specialist in Luxury Cruising to a leading purveyor of all aspects of Luxury Travel.

We at Silversea are honored to consider Mary Jean & the team at Tully Luxury Travel as great friends and business partners.

Mark Conroy
Managing Director, The Americas

Oceania Cruises

We partner with the best agencies in the industry and have been working with Tully Luxury Travel for many years – their expertise and personalized touch is an ideal fit for our guests. They’ve taken the time to get to know our product and understand what sets our cruise experience apart – this makes all the difference.

Bob Binder
President and CEO, Oceania Cruises

Seabourn Cruises

We enjoy a long history with Tully Luxury Travel. Mary Jean has always been an innovator in the luxury cruise market and her team of salespeople are true professionals. They have a thorough knowledge of their cruise partners so they know how to match the right traveler with the right vacation. They also understand the importance of white-glove service in creating loyal and happy clients. We are fully aligned in that regard. As a Seabourn Elite Diamond Account, Tully Luxury Travel’s team are great partners and true experts in all things Seabourn!

Rick Meadows
President, Seabourn 


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