• Why book with Tully Luxury Travel?

    Everything in life is about relationships and travel is no different. We pride ourselves on the strength of the relationships we have developed with our suppliers from all over the world. Our travel partners want to keep us happy because of the volume of business we provide them. While you might find for example a “third-night free” promotion online for a hotel, we have the leverage to not only get you that same promotion but also apply extra amenities such as complimentary breakfast, spa credits, early check-in/late checkout and room upgrades.

    Through our worldwide relationships and first-hand experience, we can offer you choices and customize a trip that will save you both time, money and enrich your experience. Our staff is up-to-date on virtually everything you need to know about hotels, cruise lines, safaris and the best way to experience destinations all around the world. While you may think that you can find all the information you need online, websites will not tell you of things that can ruin your experience. Whether there is construction taking place across the street from your hotel, a property is under renovation, or a recent change in management has compromised the level of service, an online booking site will not tell you that…. but we will.


  • How do I make a booking?

    Contact an agent by telephone at 1-800-675-5267, email us at travel@tullyluxurytravel.com or fill out an online request form and a dedicated Travel Designer will get in touch.

  • What if there is an emergency while I am traveling?

    Our email contact@tullyluxurytravel.com and phone lines (1-800-675-5267) are monitored 24/7. If there is an emergency while you are traveling, we are happy to assist you no matter the time or day.

  • what types of trips does Tully Luxury Travel book?

    Whether you want to spend a night in New York City or take a cruise around the world, Tully Luxury Travel has experts who know each destination and can curate any experience for you, no matter how big or small.


  • What are safari game drives?

    A game drive is where the magic happens and your addiction to safaris will begin to take hold. Around every turn could be a pride of lions, a pack of wild dogs, a herd of elephants or a leopard in a tree. It’s where you’ll come face to face with wildlife you’ve only seen in documentaries and where you’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

  • How do game drives work?

    At each camp, you’re assigned a highly trained driver/guide and a safari vehicle, (and sometimes a tracker too) that you share with other guests—don’t worry, the vehicles give everyone a window seat with plenty of room for your camera equipment and binoculars. Or if you prefer, we can arrange for a private safari vehicle with your own private guide and driver, at an additional cost.

    Most safari vehicles are 4×4 Land Rovers or Landcruisers that are either open (open-sided with no roof, or with a sunroof) or closed (with glass windows that slide open and a pop-up sun roof.) Closed vehicles are used for traversing rough terrain or highways and on long driving safaris. Open vehicles are generally used for game drives, though some camps in East Africa also used closed vehicles.

    The wildlife is accustomed to seeing safari vehicles and are typically unaffected by your presence. As long as you stay within the vehicle and follow the instructions of your driver/guide you can safely view wildlife in very close proximity.

    During your morning game drives, you’ll stop at a picturesque spot to stretch your legs and enjoy a hot beverage and snack. During your late afternoon game drives, you’ll stop just before sunset at another beautiful location to toast the magnificent African sunset with your favourite drink – a safari tradition known as the ‘Sundowner’.

  • Should I stay at multiple camps?

    We recommend that you visit more than one camp so you can benefit from new locations and potentially different species of wildlife.

  • Is Wi-Fi available on safari?

    Some camps don’t provide Wi-Fi, which is bliss for some and an annoyance to others. If access to the internet is important to you, let us know and we will suggest accommodations with that in mind, but be advised, the remoteness of some locations may cause intermittent or very slow connections. In case of an emergency, there is always a way for someone to reach you.Are safaris safe?Safety is a camp’s highest priority. The staff will explain the “dos and don’ts” as soon as you arrive. When it’s dark, you will always be escorted to and from your tent or room by a staff member.

  • Can single travelers go on a safari?

    If you like to travel solo, a safari is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy quality time on your own while meeting new people along the way. You’ll never feel alone because everyone shares the same love of nature and interest in wildlife, especially at night when camps invite guests to relax around a roaring bonfire to share stories about the day’s sightings.

  • Should I take my family on safari?

    A family safari is a wonderful shared adventure with the potential to strengthen bonds and create lifelong memories. For some families, it’s also a chance to unplug from the digital world, learn about the environment and highlight the importance of wildlife conservation efforts.

    Custom itineraries are planned for each family, taking into consideration the age of the children and any special interests or requests. Younger children might learn to track animals, capture and release butterflies and frogs; learn how to make a fire or traditional bows and arrows; cook with the chef; enjoy painting and beading; visit a local community; play traditional African games, stargazing, or listen to African storytelling.

    Teens are challenged in different ways. They might, for example, play soccer with local teens, visit a classroom, learn about and participate in conservation efforts, learn how to throw a rungu (wooden club), learn beading from the local women, go on guided bush walks, horseback rides, hikes and even mountain biking in some locations. They can also try their hand at archery and participate in evening astronomy presentations.

  • Can I go on a safari if I have mobility issues?

    We work with exceptional tour operators in South Africa that specialize in accessible travel for persons with disabilities and mobility issues, the visual and hearing impaired or anyone undergoing dialysis treatment, and offer a wide variety of exciting options including safaris.


  • What are the benefits of cruising over other types of travel?

    Cruising offers great value, with so much included, like meals, performances and more. Then there is the convenience of traveling from port to port without needing to research directions or pack your bags. You just wake up and you’re in an incredible new place. There are so many wonderful activities available, both onboard and onshore, whether you’re looking to relax in the beautiful sunshine, take a class, or go exploring!

  • What documents are required to visit international ports?

    You will need a valid passport and visas to enter certain countries. Our Travel Designers will help you determine both travel and health (inoculations and documentation) requirements for your cruise.

  • Is there Internet access on board? Are there computers?

    Most cruise ships have Internet access, so you can bring your laptop and use Wi-Fi. There are often a few computers aboard each ship for guest use. Please note that service might be unreliable in certain areas.

  • How do I know which cruise ships are accessible?

    Many ships have elevators and other accessibility features. Please let us know your specific requirements so we can ensure your ship is suitably outfitted.

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