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13 Travel Experts On the Luggage Brands They Swear By

By: Condé Nast Traveller
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Luxury Travel Suitcases

Here at Traveler, we know that a reliable suitcase can make or break a trip. Whether it’s tossing and turning in the cargo hold or packed into your trunk as you hit the road this summer, it’s what you trust to keep your belongings safe and organized. Fortunately, we have a clued-in network of constantly traveling industry experts that we rely on to point us toward the brands and pieces they trust most. From Arc’teryx’s rolling duffel to Samsonite’s lightweight hard-shell cases, these are the lines they count on time and again. Below, what they consider the 13 best luggage brands. Add one to your virtual shopping list now, so you’ll be prepped and ready for your next adventure—whenever that may be.

| Tumi

Luxury Travel Suitcases: Tumi

“I love the Tumi carry-on, the largest model—it expands or shrinks, depending. There’s also the Rimowa aluminum, which I love. It’s the trunk suitcase on wheels.” Mary Jean Tully, founder and CEO, Tully Luxury Travel

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| Samsonite

“For smaller items, I really like Tumi. My backpack and carry-on trolleys are all Tumi. For larger suitcases, you can’t go wrong with a Samsonite lightweight hard-top. Their customer service is exceptional—they replaced my two-year-old suitcase recently because the airline ripped off one of the wheels, no questions asked. Checked-in bags get pounded and beaten up and I would not want to spend a lot of money on an item that has to be replaced after a few years (if you travel frequently).” Gary Portuesipresident and owner, Authentic Italy

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| Victorinox

“I always like Victorinox,” says Navin Sawhney, CEO, Americas at Ponant. The company’s hardside luggage is especially sturdy, not to mention sleek: Pieces in the Lexicon collection, for example, feature polycarbonate shells, puncture-resistant zippers, and a combination lock.

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| The North Face

Luxury Travel Suitcases: North Face

“I don’t have just one [kind of bag]. My Patagonia roller duffel is handy. I almost always have my North Face duffel, since you can make it big or small with straps, and reduce it to a carry-on. We recommend unusual colors so that you can find your bag easily. Having one that’s waterproof is super handy, since we can go from plane to boat to kayak. And with active travel, it’s nice to have two bags—one for more formal, clean stuff, and the other for shoes or gear or dirty clothes. It’s very important to have good bag tags so that on arrival, staff can make sure that the right bags get into the right room. Always helpful to have a lock as well!” Cari Gray, founder, Gray & Co.

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| Away

“My pick goes to Away, though of course I’d love a Globe-Trotter suitcase—they’re so chic,” says Martin Brudnizki, founder of the eponymous design studio. The New York-based luggage brand’s high-profile collaborations, which have featured the likes of tennis player Serena Williams and photographer Gray Malin, keep its inventory feeling fresh and covetable.

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| Rimowa

Luxury Travel Suitcases: Rimowa

“I often have to cart my suitcase around to meetings; my Rimowa is sleek enough to sit in boardrooms, durable enough to get banged around, and lightweight so that lugging it isn’t a chore.” —Tom Marchant, owner and co-founder, Black Tomato

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| Eagle Creek

“My current bag has survived more than 200 safaris,” says Nicky Fitzgerald, founder and CEO of Kenya’s Angama Mara. Bonus: The sustainably-minded company also touts its own in-house repair center to help keep your gear in tip-top shape—and out of a landfill. 

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| Lipault

“I love my tiny, lightweight carry-on from Lipault. It has wheels, is soft-sided, and can squeeze into most overhead compartments.” —Mary Celeste Beall, owner, Blackberry Farm

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| Métier London

“You can’t beat Rimowa for checked-in suitcases. I also like Métier London for travel and day bags and pouches.” —Jannes Soerensen, general manager, The Beaumont

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| Arc’teryx

“I’m a fan of Arc’teryx, especially their rolling duffle,” says Landed co-founder John Montgomery. Founded in Canada, the sporting goods company’s slick gear, from anoraks and insulated jackets to backpacks and harnesses, is smart and tough.

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| Delsey

“Delsey’s suitcases are inexpensive, lightweight, and have great wheels. They’re also French—and all that implies.” Richard Bruce Turen, owner and managing director, Churchill & Turen LTD

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| Ghurka

“I love Ghurka luggage, which is made in the U.S. Beautiful, simple, and by now, part of me.” Francis Ford Coppola, director and hotelier

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| Baggallini

Baggallini Suitcase

“I think it’s important while traveling to blend in and not call attention with jewelry, dress, or accessories—so I stick with basic suitcases like Travelpro. I’m also a fan of Baggallini; my go-to travel tote, backpack, and purse are all Baggallini. I also always have my passport in a RFID-blocking passport holder.” Linda Allen-Speer, owner, Cruises by Linda

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