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5 Reasons to Visit Australia

By: Tully Luxury Travel
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Visit Australia

As the sixth-largest country, Australia’s impressive footprint welcomes travelers with an embarrassment of riches. From bustling cosmopolitan cities to iconic landscape, and distinctive flora and fauna, there is so much we love about this fascinating continent. Here are five reasons we think you will too!

1 | The Luxury Retreats

Visit Australia

Sophisticated escapes, exemplary service, and extraordinary settings are the hallmark of Australia’s world-renowned luxury lodges. Each promise an intimate retreat with a fair share of pampering and an array of outdoor activities designed to delight. Guests spend their days discovering their surroundings while nights are filled with starry skies and world-class cuisine. At Qualia, in the bosom of the Great Barrier Reef, travelers experience a “private world of sensory perfection.” Southern Ocean Lodge offers exclusive access to some of Kangaroo Islands singular natural attractions. A Tasmanian devil enclosure, beekeeping, and an oyster farm are two of many complimentary outings offered by Saffire Freycinet. And at Lizard Island guests receive Clearview sea kayaks, a motorized dinghy, and the pièce de résistance, every suite comes with a private beach.

2 | Outdoor Experiences

Scuba Diving

Whether land, sea, or air, Australia has more than its fair share of outdoor indulgences. The most difficult decision will be what to do first. There’s skydiving in Queensland, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or kayaking with dolphins in Byron’s Bay. Try glamping in The Northwest Territories or surfing at Maroubra Beach or backpack the Outback. Suffice it to say, from laidback to mind-blowing, Australia has it all.

3 | The Wildlife

Australia is blessed with a wide variety of animals, many of which are endemic. Kangaroos and emus are two of the most beloved examples, but hundreds of lesser-known animals are also worthy of attention. There are 800 species of birds, 4,000 species of fish and 50 varieties of marine mammals. You can cuddle koalas in Victoria, find platypus in the Northern Territory, snorkel with humpbacks in Ningaloo Bay, but on Rottnest Island, it’s smiling quokkas that will make your day.

4 | The Varied Landscapes

Stunning landscapes in Australia are as vast and diverse as its fauna. Nearly every nook and cranny has views guaranteed to take your breath away. Wander beaches with peach sand shores; hike in the Eucalyptus forests of the Blue Mountains or gaze wide-eyed at the red stone of Ayers Rock as the sunset turns it to fire. There are gorges and waterfalls, rainforests and savannahs, sea cliffs and caves. You could stay for years and never see all the magnificent scenery this land has to offer.

5 | The Culture


While Australia is celebrated for its spectacular nature, it is no less distinguished for its cultural experiences. A plethora of museums such as the National Gallery of Australia showcase a wide range of indigenous to contemporary artists as well exhibits on the country’s historical roots. Vineyards abound with over 60 recognized wine regions. There are wonderful culinary adventures from farm stays to the Western Australia Gourmet Escape, plus restaurants, bars, and cafés the most discerning foodie will love. 

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