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Itinerary: 10 Days, 9 Nights 

Remote, rugged and largely unexplored, Namibia is unlike any place you’ve ever been. This is Africa at its extreme: the hot sun is legendary, the coast is wild, the wilderness is vast and the landscape is blanketed by vivid colors. With two arid deserts and a sparse population, the country may at first glance appear lifeless. But learn Namibia’s secrets and you’ll want to return again and again. 


The Namib Desert runs along Namibia’s entire Atlantic coast and is the oldest desert in the world. Characterized by huge shifting sand dunes and flat valley floors, it has developed over millions of years. Perhaps the most famous sight is iconic Sossusvlei, where flat moon-like pans of salt and clay are surrounded by immense red sand dunes, some of the world’s tallest. The early morning and evening are the best time for a visit, when the orange sun creates a magical light over the shifting sand. 

For a different perspective of the vast desert, fly over in a light aircraft and watch from above as the foamy white and blue of the Atlantic crashes into the dunes. Your spectacular flight will take in the only well-preserved shipwreck in Namibia, as well as the endless dune fields and an old diamond mining settlement. Continue your journey by road up the legendary Skeleton Coast and explore the northern edge of the Namib Desert, with a secluded and dramatic coastline that is rarely seen by tourists. 



Despite Namibia’s relentless heat, the country is home to 80 species of large mammals, 650 varieties of birds and 4,000 types of plants. This stunning array of wildlife set against such a barren and dramatic landscape make Namibia a fascinating location for marine exploration and a desert safari.  

See Cape fur seal colonies along the Skeleton Coast. Spend a morning exploring old shipwrecks around Walvis Bay Harbour for a chance to spot pelicans, dolphins, and seals. Whale and turtle sightings are also possible in season. Explore the Kuiseb River Delta and the wetlands just north of Sandwich Harbour, where the famed pink flamingos like to flock. 

Head to the starkly beautiful Palmwag Concession, on the border of the legendary Skeleton Coast National Park, where a surprising amount of wildlife make their home, including the desert-adapted elephant, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, oryx, giraffe, and springbok. 

Perhaps the highlight in Namibia is tracking Africa’s unique and endangered black rhino. The stunning Desert Rhino Camp is your base for game drives and walks. Besides the majestic rhino, it is also possible to catch sightings of cheetah, leopard and spotted hyaena. 

– The Tully Team

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