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  • 10 to 12 days is the ideal length of stay
  • The best time to travel is between September – May

Towering, barren mountains, golden deserts undulating in the afternoon sun, rugged coastlines that rival the northern fjords in their beauty…Oman is the travel jewel of the Middle East; it’s safe, welcoming and laid-back. Oman will dazzle you with its old-world charm and, unlike its neighbor, Oman is less crowded and isn’t preoccupied with being big. First-class hotels and restaurants abound, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities for adventure, relaxation, shopping and ‘wow’ moments!

| Start with Muscat


Illuminated by the azure sea and the rugged mountains, take your time in Muscat; savor the beautiful white-washed low-rise buildings, shop the vibrant Muttrah Souq and walk the city’s ocean promenades. Swim the sandy beaches or dive with turtles in nearby lagoons.

  • Spend a morning at Muscat’s breathtakingly beautiful Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque
  • Take in a performance at The Royal Opera House
  • Take a morning boat trip in Muscat Harbor and walk the Muttrah Corniche
  • Stay at The Ritz-Carlton or The Chedi Muscat
  • For the ultimate in indulgence and relaxation, head further north to the  spectacularly luxurious resort Six Senses Zighy Bay

| South to Nizwa


Just an hour and a half from Muscat, lies the ancient city of Nizwa. Nizwa Fort, Oman’s most visited monument, towers over the city, the 17th century structure looking as invincible today as it must have then. Make your way to the top for outstanding views of the Al Hajars Mountains.

  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience, don’t miss the Sinaw Camel Market
  • See the 13th century Bahla Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit the enchanting mountainside village of Misfat al Abryeen
  • Shop the Nizwa Souq for its antiques and silver jewelry and wander the streets of the nearby 400-year-old town of Al Hamra
  • Stay at the Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort

| West To Sur


Follow the sun two hours west of Muscat to Sur, an exotic, traditional seaside city. Wander Sur’s labyrinth of streets for the beauty of its traditional dwellings, excellent beaches and magical souqs.

  • See Sur from the corniche with the Gulf of Oman an incredible backdrop, and climb the towers of Sunaysilah Fort for even more exceptional views
  • Visit the city’s watchtowers and lighthouses that have guarded Sur for centuries
  • Head for Ras Al Jinz and visit the turtle reserves

| The Wahiba Sands


From Sur head to Wahiba Sands, a vast, magnificent desert of rolling dunes. Explore the desert landscape by camel back and enjoy a bespoke “glamping” experience, with food prepared by your own private chef. Walk the red-flecked dunes at sunset for an unforgettable experience and spend time learning the culture of the Bedouins; the Sands are home to nomadic Arab tribes of 3,000 or more.

| South To Salalah


Salalah, nestled in the Dhofar Mountains, is Oman’s second largest city and the biggest seaport in the Arab Peninsula. Visit Salalah during Khareef (monsoon) season when the mountains turn tropically lush and green and their waterfalls roar. Stay at the Al Baleed Resort Salalalh by Anantara.


| East To Musandam


Musandam, a mountainous peninsula separated from Oman itself by the United Arab Emirates, is nothing short of magic, a ferociously beautiful, jagged coastline with khors (fjords) and rightly known as the Norway of Arabia. Explore Musandam’s villages, drive its cliff-hugging roads and cruise the Musandam’s awe-inspiring coast, alive withy dolphins.


| And Deep Into The Empty Quarter


There’s a big, adrenaline-pumping adventure waiting for you in the Empty Quarter, Oman’s huge sandy desert. It’s dune bashing – skilled drivers take you up, down and around the desert’s massive sand dunes. Spend the day racing through the sea of endless golden sand and boundless dunes by 4×4 vehicle before retiring to a night of traditional Bedouin hospitality under the stars.



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