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Itinerary: 8 Days, 9 Nights 

With nearly 2,500 miles of coastline, beautiful beaches and some of the best wineries in the country, South Australia has a lot to offer — not the least of which is a relaxed vibe and a quieter atmosphere than you’ll find along the country’s popular east coast. 

Pamper yourself on this 9-day itinerary that takes in South Australia’s capital city of Adelaide, the hopping wildlife of Kangaroo Island and the unique environment of Tasmania — a delightful island state, just off the coast of mainland Australia. 


Begin your adventure in Adelaide with a stay at the luxurious Mayfair Hotel, located in the heart of the city. While the glamorous rooftop bar and spacious suites with custom-made beds might make it difficult to pull yourself away from the hotel, we highly recommend a stroll through the city’s scenic laneways to take in Adelaide’s artsy vibe. 

Spend the evening visiting the world-renowned Penfolds Magill Estate winery for a tour of the historic estate and an unforgettable seven-course dinner served with matching wines. 


Just a short hop away from Adelaide by air, Kangaroo Island is a paradise of exotic landscapes and abundant wildlife. As its name suggests, the island is home to a variety of kangaroo, as well as other iconic Australian animals.  

The jewel of the island is the internationally acclaimed Southern Ocean Lodge — a stunning clifftop property that will serve as your home for three glorious nights. Enjoy uninterrupted ocean views, luxurious accommodations and a personalized itinerary that takes in the best of the island’s natural attractions, including world-class beaches and numerous diving opportunities. 


Due to its isolation across the Bass Strait, many visitors to Australia overlook Tasmania. But the vast island has so much to offer those that make the effort to come to its shores: unique wildlife, stunning vistas, and gourmet cuisine all combined for the perfect island retreat. Stay one night at the waterfront Henry Jones Art Hotel in Hobart and enjoy a private city tour with a visit to MONA, Australia’s largest private art collection. Next, head off to the award-winning Saffire Freycinet resort, where mountain views, turquoise beaches, and outdoor adventures await. 

A highlight of your stay at Saffire Freycinet is sure to be a visit to the local oyster farm. Don a pair of waders and venture into the shallow ocean waters with your guide. You will learn about the wetland and marine ecology while enjoying prized Pacific oysters, paired with a glass of exceptional Australian wine! 

– The Tully Team

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