An Insider's Look: Sri Lanka

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Itinerary: 15 Days, 17 Nights

Set in the Indian Ocean, magical Sri Lanka is an intoxicating combination of ancient history, colorful culture, and well-preserved natural beauty. The island mesmerizes visitors with its lush landscapes and a spectacular coastline – natural features that make Sri Lanka simply unforgettable. 

Spend two leisurely weeks exploring the teardrop-shaped island and be ready to step out of the ordinary. 


Rich with a wide variety of ecosystems  from wetlands to tropical jungles – Sri Lanka is home to an equal variety of wildlife. We believe in the importance of treating wildlife ethically and seeing animals in their natural habitat. This itinerary delivers by taking you to the best wildlife viewing spots. You will take a jeep tour in Minneriya National Park to spot herds of wild elephants; trek through the Sri Lankan jungle to learn about native flora, spotting monkeys, birds, and butterflies along the way. You will visit the majestic Yala National Park, home to a large leopard population, and head off on a private yacht for a whale-watching excursion. 


Although small in size, Sri Lanka is a cultural heavyweight. Dotted throughout the vibrant countryside are UNESCO-recognized heritage sites that speak to the country’s 3,000-year-old history. You will find many prized archaeological gems in remarkably good condition – from the granite sculptures of Buddha in the medieval city of Polonnaruwa to the structures within the old fort town of Galle. Right in the heart of the country is Sigiriya, an old rock fortress that rises 200 meters above the surrounding plains. A climb up the winding steps reveals ancient paintings, engravings and the ruins of a summer palace. The view of the plains below is simply stunning. 

A visit to the ancient city of Anuradhapura is a must. Here you will explore the remnants of this once-glorious city that grew around a small sapling of the sacred Bodhi tree brought from India – the same tree under which Buddha achieved enlightenment. 


Often described as a sparkling jewel in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka’s true splendor lies in its natural beauty. Take in the view during a scenic helicopter ride over emerald hills covered in a quilt of tea plantations, rivers, and waterfalls. No trip to Sri Lanka would be complete without a stop at one of the country’s gorgeous white-sand beaches. Relax and recharge during a 3-night stay in an ocean-view suite at the heavenly Amanwella resort in Tangalle. 

– The Tully Team

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