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The Clinique La Prairie

A unique approach to healthcare in an exceptional setting.

Unlock the secret of living longer, healthier, and fuller lives.

For nearly a century affluent wellness seekers migrate to Montreaux Switzerland to check into Clinique La Prairie. This is a serene medical spa nestled on a hillside overlooking Lake Geneva.

There is a famed cure at this spa, created in the 1930s. The cost of which makes you wonder what the true price of a long life is but the legend of how it works solidifies the draw. 

Involving injectables and rumored to have brought Pope Pius XII back from the brink of death, this procedure is considered the fountain of youth. 

Founded in 1931 by Professor Niehans, a pioneer in the development of cellular therapy, Clinique la Prairie has over the years established an international reputation as a world-renowned medical clinic and wellness destination. Thanks to continuous advancements, Clinique la Prairie is regarded as a leading light in preventative medicine due to its unique Revitalisation Program combined with the development of specialized medical programs.

The core philosophy of Clinique La Prairie has been to assist its clients in enjoying healthier and more fulfilling lives. Based on a holistic approach with a focus on preventative medicine, medical specialists offer an expert diagnosis of your current health, followed by comprehensive advice on how best to make the most of the years ahead.


The Verbier Chalet

Newly launched is the opportunity to have a private wellness experience. Top tier guests can stay at the Verbier Chalet and undergo the famously enigmatic Revitalisation treatment in complete solitude. This retreat has an atmosphere of quiet seclusion and attentive luxury. The Chalet holds a chic interior, fireplaces, state of the art kitchen, soaking tubs, wine cellar, saunas, and infinity pool. A must for high-end clients who are looking for complete privacy. 

Limited space is still available at this ultra-private luxury chalet where guests can choose from two of Clinique La Prairie’s programs: Revitalization and Master Detox for five nights. Bringing the renowned Clinique La Prairie experience offsite to its chalet dwellers to deliver a truly private, exclusive retreat is new for this iconic brand.



Revitalization Program

Experience premium transformative rejuvenation with the science of the future.

The transformative Revitalisation Premium is the ultimate wellness and rejuvenation experience. Bringing you the world’s most advanced cell regeneration and holistic medicinal technologies, this supremely powerful program strengthens and reenergizes you to enhance and lengthen your life.

Master Detox

Experience unbelievable vitality and wellbeing with this ultimate cleansing detox.

Discover the profound wellbeing that comes with a thoroughly cleansed and purified system, a rested body, and perfect mental balance. This life-changing cure harnesses the power of genetics, cellular and nutritional science, combined with the latest medicinal technologies in a program tailored to your exact DNA and health profile. You’ll be amazed how much stronger, healthier, and full of vitality you can feel!

Private Retreat

For its two programs, Revitalization and Master Detox, Clinique la Prairie offers its guests the opportunity to settle in a fantastic private chalet located in the resort of Verbier. Live an unforgettable week, breathing the fresh air of the Swiss Alps.

Advanced Aesthetic Beauty

Regain youthful looks and inner radiance with the latest non-invasive technologies.

Treat yourself to a top to toe transformation at our beauty-focused rejuvenation retreat! Your personalized program of non-invasive technologies at our brand new aesthetic medicine center in the Swiss Alps leaves you looking radiant, toned, sculpted, and more youthful – with effects lasting up to two years.

 – The Tully Team 

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