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You really can’t go wrong with adding Australia to your bucket list! The endless activities and “must see” places to visit can have you there for weeks if you really wanted. The entire country is larger than the United States and stretches from the dry desert to the prestigious oceans. There is unique wildlife all around and raring waves calling your name along the entire coastline. Make your way around by private helicopter or rent a van and take you time visiting all the cool coastal towns.


Here are some Fun Facts about the land down under:

  • The country is massive! If you want to see it all you need to give yourself lots of time, travel time and leisure time. There are 3 time zones within Australia, if that helps put into perspective how large it really is!
  • They drive on the left side! Watch out when crossing the street if you are not used to this.
  • Swimming in the ocean here is amazing but can also be very dangerous for visitors who are not used to the waters. Always remember to swim in between the flags, this is where you will be the safest.
  • Australia’s vineyards produce wine that rivals the best produced in France, but you won’t find any champagne there. Because of an agreement with the European Community, Australian-produced bubbly is known as sparkling wine.
  • Australians are passionate about their football, known as “footy,” which comes in three varieties (which bear little resemblance to U.S. football): Rugby League, Rugby Union and Australian Rules. The last is considered “real” Australian football, and the games get pretty wild. Grab some tickets while in Brisbane and cheer on the madness!
  • Learn the local language, Australians are known to be very good nicknamers. Aussies call mosquitoes mozzies, surfers surfies, swimming costumes cossiesand barbecues barbies. Even the toughest leather-clad, two-wheeled road hog will refer to himself as a bikie.
  • Park officials at Uluru (Ayers Rock) support and encourage the Aboriginal belief that stone fragments taken from the site are cursed. Officials hope that this will help stop visitors from taking rock fragments home as souvenirs. So far, nearly 900 lbs/400 kg of the “conscience rocks” have been returned to park officials, many accompanied by notes describing the bad luck they caused.

– The Tully Team

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