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The Best Travel Accessories 2020

By: Tully Luxury Travel
Travel Accessories • Tech Gadgets • Luxury

travel accessories

Streamline your journey with these accessories! Getting ready for a vacation is never easy (there’s always something you’re bound to forget to pack) but once you’re there, you want the trip to be a breeze. To make your adventure easier than ever, all you need is a few of these cool travel products. Hit the road with confidence with items that will keep you entertained, powered up, and effortlessly stylish. These are the best travel accessories to buy for your next vacation. 

| Montblanc Nightflight Liquid Flight Bag

travel accessories

Conceived for the modern globe-trotter, My Montblanc Nightflight offers a way to travel both lightly and stylishly. The Liquid Flight Bag is a smart and practical accessory for carrying liquids while flying. Use this pouch to carry all your liquids or use to it carry your must have products. By keeping all of your nessecities such as headphones, hand cream, medication etc. in this pouch you won’t be left scrambling at the bottom of your bag to find them. Just simply grab the pouch, toss it on your seat, stow your luggage and relax. 

To buy:, 130$

| Rimowa Trunk Plus

travel accessories

The unmistakable RIMOWA Original aluminium suitcase with its distinctive grooves is regarded as one of the most iconic luggage designs of all time. Remarkably robust and surprisingly lightweight, the RIMOWA Original Trunk in titanium is an unparalleled example of craftsmanship and innovation. Made from high-end anodised aluminium and designed with a distinctive shape inspired by our original trunks, this large hard shell suitcase is a timeless classic engineered to offer travellers long-lasting performance and optimum capacity for journeys of up to 2 weeks.

To buy:, $1020

| Apple AirPods Pro

travel accessories

Apple’s newest AirPods are the first to feature active noise cancellation. Two microphones—one outward-facing and one inward-facing—allow the headphones to listen to the surrounding noise and both cancel it out and let just the right amount in for Transparency mode, for when you need to hear the sounds around you. They also offer impressive bass thanks to new custom-designed drivers and amplifiers. These are perfect for noisy flights! 

To buy:, $249

| Stow Leather Tech Case

travel accessories

Packing and toting around your travel essentials can be some of the most mundane parts of taking a trip. But London-based luxury brand Stow has set out to change that with colorful, beautifully crafted storage pieces. A lifelong adventurer herself, founder Carol Lovell designs each case, pouch, and bag with meticulous intention. You can also choose from an array of personalization options — from hand-painted art to embossed replicas of your own handwriting — that make Stow’s pieces super giftable. Even Meghan Markle won’t travel without it. 

To buy:, $535

| Muji Packing Cubes


The portable garment organizing cases help separate your clothes within the suitcase. The shape of the cases is designed to fit into Adjustable Handle Hard Carry to ensure maximum utilization of the spaces. It is made of light and thin paraglider materials which can be folded and store away easily when not in use. Packing cubes may seem like an extra step but they really help you get more space out of your luggage. Not to mention it keeps everything organized which gives you the ability to unpack at your hotel in mere seconds. 

To buy:, $15

| Longchamp Le Pliage Foldable Nylon Bag


This tote bag captivates you with its minimalist silhouette and ample volume which can easily hold all of your documents or a laptop. Its long handles allow you to wear it comfortably on your shoulder, while its zipper closure ensures the safety of all of your belongings. It can even be folded into the size of a paperback book. Longchamp drew its inspiration from origami when creating Le Pliage, a light, foldaway bag that has since become a cult object worldwide. The Le Pliage line comes in a multitude of shapes and sizes, and in a dozen or so colors each season. Ideal for everyday use, Le Pliage is light as a feather, folds away to the size of a paperback, and is durable enough to keep all your essentials close at hand. This bag is perfect for ’emergencies’ – keep it in your suitcase and if you need extra space you’ve got it!

To buy:, $145

| Brooks Brothers Leather Tie Case


Never show up to your hotel with wrinkled ties again. Instead of paying to have your ties pressed, invest in a proper leather tie case. We like this timeless one from Brooks Brothers. Made of genuine calfskin Leather. Luxurious signature Brooks Brothers stripe lining. Two straps on either side for double tie storage. Zip closure and removable buttons. Accomodates both regular and extra-long tie lengths.

To buy:, $298

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