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Great Plains Conservation is a multi-award winning company with safari camps and lodges in Kenya and Botswana. It takes stressed and threatened environments and surrounds them with compassionate protection and intelligent management. Foremost a conservation organization, Great Plains operates ecotourism to maintain conservation as a sustainable land use alternative.

World-renowned, Emmy-award winning filmmakers, Dereck and Beverly Joubert are co-founders and chief executives of Great Plains, and have both been appointed National Geographic “Explorers in Residence”. Deeply involved in Great Plains, conservation is their passion. The incredible safaris their organization runs in Botswana and Kenya are a clear demonstration of the success of this ecotourism model.

Mary Jean's Thoughts

They are an amazing company from virtually every standpoint. The accommodations, their commitment to conservation and sustainability, their game viewing etc, couldn’t be better. So many of their lodges are some  of my favorite properties. From Duba Plains in Botswana to Ol Donyo and Mara Plains in Kenya as each brings with it a style and experience like no other. Each Safari camp is situated in an area with the best game viewing possible and that’s what you want to go to Safari for. However to have all of that plus the service is above and beyond what one would expect   An excellent reputation and for good reason   Owned by Dereck and Beverly Joubert who are absolutely the most well-known wildlife photographers and filmmakers on the planet, they bring to it a feel of right “Out of Africa” with the most amazing experiences that will create memories that will last a lifetime. Our clients continually book Great Plains again and again, but they can’t wait to long as they’re always sold out and that alone speaks volumes  Each of their camps has a distinct personality and yet are all consistent in what they offer in the way I meeting and exceeding your expectations We can match you with the personality of the lodge that is. right for you.

Dereck Joubert

Great Plains Conservation

CEO and Chairman of Great Plains Conservation, Award Winning Filmmaker with 7 Emmys, a Peabody and a Lifetime Achievement Award

Over the years I’ve come to know Mary Jean from Tully Luxury Travel through her African Dreams division but also personally. Mary Jean knows everyone. She knew my brother, my associates and conservation partners. As a result, I consider her part of the family, someone with shared values, a conservation ethic and interests. As a result, she is the perfect ‘connector’ between our camps and conservation efforts and people who she knows and are interested in travelling and sharing these unique experiences in Africa with us. The kindred spirit means that travelers can feel comfortable with the Tully endorsement and we feel comfortable that the exceptions on both sides can be serviced and satisfied. Mary Jean seems to find and send us interesting guests and at Great Plains, we like to be the meeting place of interesting and talented people who can influence the world. Through African Dreams, we have also met people who are interested in supporting our rhino relocation effort in Botswana so a perfect match for guests, friends, fellow conservationists and influencers.

Mary Jean Tully

Founder & CEO

Mary Jean Tully, Founder and CEO of Tully Luxury Travel, has been on the cutting edge of luxury travel for years. Recognized by Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler, and named one of the most powerful women in travel by Travel Agent Magazine, Tully is renowned for her expertise, philanthropy, and enthusiasm. She has received numerous accolades identifying her agency as one of the best luxury travel providers in the world. 

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