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A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is arguably the most exhilarating overseas adventure experience a person can have. Nothing else comes close to approximating its authenticity and all-five-senses engagement. They offer you the world’s ultimate, authentic expedition experience: Discover the planet’s most remarkable places, accompanied by experts able to illuminate all you see, and with cool tools to use to explore up close and personally. The quality of their veteran staff is the reason the Lindblad name is known and respected for top-quality expeditions. And, since 2004 when Sven Lindblad forged an unprecedented alliance with National Geographic, their guests have enjoyed an unparalleled opportunity: to travel with the finest expedition teams in the travel industry, plus National Geographic expedition explorers, photographers, writers, scientists, and other experts in diverse fields. There simply is no better team anywhere, and no other experience comparable to the quality of insight, engagement and sheer good times their expeditions offer.

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