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Oberoi Hotels & Resorts operates 22 Hotels and Resorts in 6 countries, founded on the belief that the guests are everything. This philosophy is evident in every one of their employees and is manifested in the sincere personal care and attention that is provided to every guest.

While it is true that Oberoi’s exceptional properties, accommodations and facilities contribute greatly to the esteem in which they are held, they measure their success by the value of the human interaction practiced by their people and deeply felt by their guests. To this day, Oberoi Hotels & Resorts still practice the most simple and uncommon of operational philosophies: The guest is everything. Their joy comes from ensuring each is seen and valued as a person, a friend, a family member who has come to stay. This is present in every gesture through words spoken or unspoken, in ways that are obvious and in ways that are quietly respectful of one’s time and privacy.

You will be hard-pressed to find properties as beautiful as theirs, or restaurants, guest rooms and facilities that are as exceptional. However, these are not what give Oberoi Hotels & Resorts its incomparable reputation. What guests speak about most is that singular experience of being truly seen, heard and understood. Something no other hotel or resort can emulate. 

Mary Jean's Thoughts

Oberoi is a well-known name in the luxury travel industry because it wins so many awards and so many of their properties are on various “World’s Best Lists”. India is flush with luxury hotels, but Oberoi is next level. They’re famously known for their training and for operating their own culinary schools to train staff. A true top tier luxury hotel chain, they offer everything from ultra-luxury city hotels to tiger safari camps to Himalayan mount lodges.  Until recently, the thirty-plus properties have only been in a handful of countries. All of that changed when Oberoi opened its first new property in Marrakesh, and I can’t wait to stay there the next time I’m in Morocco. If you travel to India, Oberoi is your best choice. 

Mary Jean Tully

Founder & CEO

Mary Jean Tully, Founder and CEO of Tully Luxury Travel, has been on the cutting edge of luxury travel for years. Recognized by Forbes and Condé Nast Traveler, and named one of the most powerful women in travel by Travel Agent Magazine, Tully is renowned for her expertise, philanthropy, and enthusiasm. She has received numerous accolades identifying her agency as one of the best luxury travel providers in the world. 

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