For information on how to purchase Luci Lights, or ideas specific to your destination and the needs of the local community, our Tully Luxury Travel designers are happy to help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Founder & CEO Tully Luxury Travel

Pack With a Purpose

“Travel isn’t just about moving around; it’s about being moved.”

– Philosopher & Travel Writer, Mark Nepo

Those of us who have the opportunity to travel know how blessed we are. We are enriched by our experiences and the people we meet along the way. If you’re like me, there are times when you want to give back, to make a difference in their lives. Let me tell you how. Next time you’re on holiday, pack a few things to give away, or during your trip, buy items at a local market. You’ll get a feel for the culture, and the prices are low. When you see how much joy and relief you provide, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before. 

I’ve listed some suggestions below, but first, there is one indispensable device I want to recommend: Luci Rechargeable Solar Lights. [in the online version, a link to the company should be inserted] There are thousands of places around the world where communities in remote areas or victims of natural disasters live half their lives in darkness. Give the gift of light. Luci Lights are compact, lightweight, waterproof, easy to carry and shine up to 18 hours. Pack them without their box, and they’ll take up very little space.

Easy to Pack

Drugstore reading glasses ( I pack a dozen in a ziplock bag. They literally can change a life.)


Antibacterial Ointment

Educational Flash Cards (Numeric/Alphabet)

Pens & Markers

Art & School Supplies

Small puzzles

Easy To Find At Local Markets

Baseball Caps

Soccer Balls

Flip Flops

Re-usable Bowls/Cups

Large containers of water

Buckets (for produce or carrying water)